Natural gas is an efficient and inexpensive source of fuel. It is used in many home appliances including water heaters and gas stoves. While safer than other fuels like wood, oil or coal, if neglected, a natural gas leak can lead to fire or explosion when ignited by an electrical spark or open flame. A natural gas leak is immediately recognizable by a “rotten egg” odor. It is important to contact a certified professional, like Pino’s Plumbing, if ever you suspect a gas leak in your home.


If a natural gas appliance is improperly installed or poorly ventilated, a by-product of burning natural gas, carbon monoxide (CO), can build-up in your home. Unlike natural gas, CO is undetectable by scent. Only a CO detector can warn you of unsafe levels that can lead to a host of health problems possibly leading to asphyxia. If your CO detector shows unsafe levels or you suspect you are experiencing early symptoms of oxygen deprivation, immediately contact Pino’s Plumbing 24 Hour Emergency Service.


A flat $65.00 service charge covers a full home inspection of gas lines, fitting and valves. If any problems are found, the $65.00 service charge can be credited towards the cost of labor (not parts).

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